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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Immigrant Detainees Report Nearly 200 Instances Of Sexual Abuse

Immigrant Detainees Report Nearly 200 Instances Of Sexual Abuse

Documents obtained by the ACLU show that more than 50 women in Texas were transported alone by male guards between December 2008 and May 2010.

The documents show there have been 185 sexual abuse reports in immigrant detention centers since 2007, nearly a third of which came from Texas. Other states had far lower reports of detainee sexual abuse, with the next highest reports coming from California (17), Arizona (16) and Florida (12). Other states had less than 10 reports of sexual abuse, or none at all.

Texas also has the highest number of detention centers with 12, while California has 9.

All three women in the ACLU lawsuit were held for a time in the T. Don Hutto Residiental Center in Taylor, Texas, a 512-bed detention center privately run on a government contract by private prison giant Corrections Corporation of America.

The suit targets Corrections Corporation of America along with three ICE officials, a former facility manager of the Hutto facility, and a former Hutto guard named Donald Dunn, who was charged last year with assaulting five women and has been accused of abusing more.

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