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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A video about notario Immigration fraud from the American Immigration Lawyers Association

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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Immigration Reform in 2013: An Idea Whose Time Has Come — Immigration Reform | America's Voice

Immigration Reform in 2013: An Idea Whose Time Has Come — Immigration Reform | America's Voice
by Frank Sharry cross posted on Huffington Post

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...So what is likely to happen?
A broad legislative proposal, one that puts 11 million undocumented immigrants on the road to citizenship, will be championed by the president, drafted on a bipartisan basis and approved by the Senate, with bipartisan support, sometime this spring. With comprehensive immigration reform favored by the public by a 2-to-1 margin, a bipartisan breakthrough in the Senate could send those numbers as high as 3 to 1.
Then it will be up to the House of Representatives. Once again Speaker Boehner will find a bipartisan majority in the House, but not if he insists on a “majority of the majority.” And while he will feel pressure from some on the hard right to resist reform, he will feel at least as much pressure from others on the right, such as business executives, evangelicals, law enforcement officials, Latino Republicans and conservative thought leaders. In the end the House leadership will find a way. They simply will not want to bear the blame for keeping the Senate and the White House out of reach for Republicans for a generation.
The bottom line: Immigration reform is an idea whose time has come. Americans want it, Democrats have promised it and Republicans need it.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Opinion: Comprehensive immigration reform: The time is now - Antonio Villaraigosa -

Opinion: Comprehensive immigration reform: The time is now - Antonio Villaraigosa -

It was March of 2006. On that afternoon over one million undocumented immigrants marched on Los Angeles City Hall. For one day, one million people stepped out of the shadows – mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, grandmas and grandpas. They were hardworking people who are always told that they are to blame for the country’s problems.
They marched on City Hall to deliver a simple message – “This is our home now.” I walked out and welcomed the one million people who showed up on my doorstep. I looked out on the crowd – a mayor for less than one year – and told them “I don’t see any illegals! No human being is illegal. No human being should be illegal.” They may have come here illegally, but they also came for a better life and most have contributed much to this nation. I took a lot of heat for that. But an immigration policy that allows us to grow together and not apart is the moral and economic imperative of our time.
For too long Washington has pushed immigration reform off until the next election. Too often, the issue is punted 

to the next Congress. Now is the time for us to say enough is enough. When we reform our broken immigration 

system, we will not only restore the most basic of American covenants, we will give this economy a much needed 

shot in the arm.

When the head of a household becomes a citizen, family income rises almost 14 percent on average. For the 11 

million undocumented immigrants in the U.S. that would generate over $1.5 trillion in the next decade. And for the 

federal government that would mean $4.5 billion in new tax revenue over the next three years alone.

But the long-term effects are even greater. Today, 40 percent of Fortune 500 companies were started by 

immigrants or by the children of immigrants. These companies have combined revenues of $4.2 trillion. For those 

keeping score that’s more than the GDP of every country in the world except the U.S., China and Japan.

The success of our immigration system goes hand in hand with the success of our broader economy. That’s why 

the time to act is now. Our action should be based on our core principles and values, through six broad policy 


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~ I think we may actually get immigration reform this year. I have thought that before and been wrong, but this time it just might happen.

What Gets in the Way of Immigration Reform -

What Gets in the Way of Immigration Reform -

Here is a well written article that discusses what obstacles are in the way of Comprehensive Immigration Reform.  Even now, when advocates can dare to dream that the moribund and counterproductive US immigration system might be nearing an overhaul, there are many procedural and substantive issues to be hammered out. I have my fingers crossed.