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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Children’s “Wish for the Holidays” - Keep Our Families Together - New America Media

Children’s “Wish for the Holidays” - Keep Our Families Together - New America Media
New America Media, News Report, Elena ShorePosted: Dec 12, 2011
Izamar is asking Congress for one holiday wish: to keep her family together. 

The18-year-old from Waukegan, Ill., is facing a daughter’s worst nightmare: the prospect of losing a parent to deportation. Her father was arrested in February for driving without a license and is now in deportation proceedings.

“Sometimes I can’t sleep, I can’t eat, I can’t do anything,” she writes. “I don’t know if I will be OK without him.”

Over 5,000 Letters

Izamar’s letter is one of more than 5,000 letters from young people across the country that were delivered to Congress last week, with one simple message: To keep their families together. 

The letters were part of the national campaign, “A Wish for the Holidays,” organized by We Belong Together, a project of the National Domestic Workers Alliance and the National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum. 

“Children feel strongly that they have a voice in the policies made in this country, and the best way for them to have a voice is through letter-writing because they can’t vote,” said Andrea Franks, a fourth- and fifth-grade teacher in New York City. She spoke to journalists from the ethnic media during a teleconference hosted by New America Media and We Belong Together. Franks mobilized her students to send in more than 200 letters to Congress.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Immigration reform could be on new Congress’ agenda

Immigration reform could be on new Congress’ agenda

President Obama’s victory, fueled by massive support among Latino voters, has produced a new dynamic in Washington: a Democratic president who owes a huge debt to Latinos, and a Republican Party desperate to find a way to avoid another landslide loss among one of the fastest-growing sections­ of the electorate.
“Democrats want reform, and Republicans need it. That’s the new dynamic,” said Frank Sharry, the executive director of America’s Voice, an immigrant advocacy group.

~This link from the Boston Globe discusses the chances of an agreement on Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR) in Washington, DC. Senators Charles Schumer (D-NY) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) are among those in Congress who seem to believe that reform will be possible in this Congressional session.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Privately Operated Federal Prisons for Immigrants: Expensive. Unsafe. Unnecessary | Justice Strategies

Privately Operated Federal Prisons for Immigrants: Expensive. Unsafe. Unnecessary | Justice Strategies

Privately Operated Federal Prisons for Immigrants: Expensive. Unsafe. Unnecessary

Presented before a House of Representatives briefing sponsored by Rep. Jared Polis of Colorado on September 13, 2012, Privately Operated Federal Prisons for Immigrants: Expensive, Unsafe, Unnecessary chronicles the May 2012 Adams County Correctional Center uprising in Natchez, Mississippi, a private for-profit facility operated by Corrections Corporation of America, under contract with the Federal Bureau of Prisons. The report details some of the tragic personal consequences for Juan Villanueva, his family, and others caught in the midst of the horrific conditions at the facility, leading to the insurrection. The report weaves into this narrative a look at the rise and fall of the private prison industry, and its resurrection through the benefit of federal contracts to detain and imprison undocumented immigrants, in an atmosphere of moral panic after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Program Offering Immigrants Reprieve Is Off to Quick Start -

Program Offering Immigrants Reprieve Is Off to Quick Start -

Julia Preston for the NYT writes:

One month after the Obama administration started a program to suspend deportations of young illegal immigrants, more than 72,000 of them have applied for the temporary reprieve, senior immigrationofficials said on Tuesday, and this week the first approvals have been granted.

The figures for applications received so far — the first results the administration has released since a federal agency began receiving the documents on Aug. 15 — show that large numbers of young immigrants are ready to take the risk of coming forward, administration officials and immigrant advocates said, and that the agency in charge has been able to manage the rush of paperwork.
The immigrants requesting two-year deportation deferrals do not reach the high estimates of 250,000 that officials had said they were prepared to handle in the first month of the program, which is President Obama’s most significant immigration initiative.
click the link to see the rest of the article

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

CBP Stamps on I-20 Form Discontinued -

CBP Stamps on I-20 Form Discontinued -

CBP Stamps on I-20 Form Discontinued
As of Aug. 10, 2012, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) no longer provides admission stamps on Forms I-20/DS-2019 for prospective and returning international students and scholars (traveling with F, M, and J visas) seeking admission to the United States. This change makes CBP processes consistent with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service’s (USCIS) recent change to stop stamping Forms I-20/DS-2019. 
International student visitor moves through CBP processing
USCIS implemented this change as part of the launch of its online immigration benefits system, USCIS Electronic Immigration System, as it transforms the agency from a paper-based system to an online environment. (
USCIS Electronic Immigration System )
Although placing an admission stamp on Forms I-20/DS-2019 has been a longstanding practice at CBP, it is not required. While the admission stamps on Forms I-20/DS-2019 are not indicators of lawful status or academic program duration, some state and federal benefit granting agencies have required international students and scholars to present stamped versions. State requirements vary.
If a state benefit granting agency rejects an unstamped Form I-20/DS-2019, applicants may make an appointment with USCIS online through InfoPass and take their Form I-20/DS-2019 to their local USCIS office to be stamped. InfoPass )This transitional step will end on Nov. 21, 2012.
International students and scholars who encounter issues with their state or federal benefit applications should continue to contact the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) at (703) 603-3400

Friday, August 31, 2012

Undocumented Life: A year in, only a handful of immigrants benefit from 'prosecutorial discretion' | Chicago Muckrakers

Undocumented Life: A year in, only a handful of immigrants benefit from 'prosecutorial discretion' | Chicago Muckrakers

If the Prosecutorial Discretion plan had worked as intended they would not have need to do the DACA program. Fortunately, bureaucratic intransigence forced the administration to take more drastic steps.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Vermont CBP Advises Travelers, Prepare for Busy Holiday and Increased Traffic -

Vermont CBP Advises Travelers, Prepare for Busy Holiday and Increased Traffic -

St. Albans, Vt. - In an effort to provide the best possible service to the traveling public, U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials throughout Vermont and New Hampshire are proactively reminding members of the traveling public to make sure they have the proper documents, and to plan for a possible increase in traffic over the Labor Day/Labour Day (August 31 - September 3) weekend.
In compliance with the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI), all travelers, including U.S. and Canadian citizens, need to present an approved travel document to enter the U.S. by land and sea. Air travelers need a Passport while those traveling by land or sea may use a variety of documents to include a Passport, Passport Card, Trusted Traveler card (NEXUS, SENTRI or FAST), an Enhanced Driver’s License or approved Tribal Documents. U.S. and Canadian children under the age of 16 can present an original or copy of their birth certificate. Use of WHTI compliant, RFID enabled documents reduces the time it takes to process travelers and expedites their entry at the border. For more information, please visit the WHTI Web site. ( )
CBP also reminds U.S. lawful permanent residents that the I-551 form (green card) is acceptable for land and sea travel into the U.S., and frequent cross-border travelers are encouraged to participate in the NEXUS program, which allows pre-screened, low-risk travelers to proceed with little or no delay into the United States and Canada. Application forms are available on the Canada Border Services Agency and CBP Web sites. For more information, please visit the CBSA and CBP Web sites. CBSA-ASFC ) ) Additionally, NEXUS information is available toll-free at (866) NEXUS 26 ((866) 639-8726).
Tip 1 - Travelers should prepare for the inspection process before arriving at the inspection booth. Please have crossing documents available for the inspection including a WHTI approved document for U.S. citizens. For more information, please visit the “Get You Home” website. )
Tip 2 - Vehicle occupants should not use cell phones while approaching the port or during the inspection process. Cell phone usage slows down the inspection process and causes delays for everyone in line.
Tip 3 - Alcohol/Tobacco/Firearms. In addition to federal laws, travelers entering the U.S. at ports of entry are also subject to all state alcohol/tobacco/firearm laws. Often times, state laws can be more restrictive than federal laws. If transporting any of these items, please check with local law enforcement to see if any restrictions apply.
Tip 4 - Travelers should build extra time into their trips in the event they cross during periods of exceptionally heavy traffic.
Tip 5 - Alternate Routes. During periods of heavy travel, border crossers may wish to consider alternative entry routes. For example, they may want to use the nearby and less heavily traveled Derby Line (Rt. 5) instead of the Derby Line (I-91) port. For more information on border crossing times, which are updated hourly, please visit the CBP “Border Wait Times” website. (BWT )
Tip 6 - Currency. There is no limit on total amount of monetary instruments that may be brought in or taken out of the U.S. However, if you are transporting more than $10,000 you must file a Report of International Transportation of International Currency or Monetary Instruments (FinCen 105 – this form is available at the port of entry). Failure to properly declare or report the importation or exportation of currency or monetary instruments in excess of $10,000 could result in seizure.
Tip 7 - Food items. Prepared foods for personal consumption or for family/friend gatherings is allowed. If bringing food items for resale or for commercial use, go to or contact your local CBP office for more information. )However, if you plan to cross the border with fresh meats, fruits, and vegetables and you are not sure if they are allowed into the United States, please check with your local CBP office before arrival.
Tip 8 - Goods and gifts. When crossing the border, all travelers and vehicles are subject to search. Please keep this in mind when transporting gifts for special occasions. Remember to “declare everything purchased or acquired outside of the United States. If duty is applicable, credit cards or cash payment in U.S. currency is acceptable.
Tip 9 - Medicine/Narcotics. Travelers must declare medications at the border. All valid non-expired prescription medications should be in the original prescription containers with all pertinent information listed on the outside. Narcotics and dangerous drugs are prohibited entry. There are severe civil and/or criminal penalties if imported.
Tip 10 - Pets. Cats and dogs must be free of disease and illness when entering the U.S. In addition, dog owners must be able to show proof of rabies vaccination. If crossing with a puppy, certain paperwork will need to be completed at the border for the “new addition to the family.”
Tip 11 - Firewood. Travelers wishing to bring Canadian-origin firewood should be aware of the U.S. Department of Agriculture treatment requirements. Non-commercial shipments of firewood must include a heat treatment certificate or have an attached treatment label. All untreated firewood will not be allowed entry and will require you to turn back for disposal of the wood. Visit for more information on this requirement. )
The border travel tips will be of assistance in averting any potential frustrations when crossing the border during your travels. If you have questions, you may also contact the Port of Derby Line at (802) 873-3316 or the Port Highgate Springs at (802) 868-2278.
For more information on traveling to or from the U.S. or locating a CBP office, please visit the CBP Web site. )
Port NameAddressHours of Operation
Passenger Vehicles
Highgate Springs480 Welcome Center Road
Swanton, VT 05488
Highgate SpringsNEXUS Lane0630-0830 daily
1500-1800 on Fridays
Burlington Airport228 Aviaton Ave
Suite 100
South Burlington, VT 05403
Alburgh200 Line Road
Alburgh, VT 05440
Alburgh Springs303 Alburgh Springs Rd
Alburgh Springs, VT 05440
Morses Line4475 Morses Line Road
Franklin, VT 05457
Richford705 Province Street
Richford, VT 05476
East RichfordRoute 105A
357 Glen Sutton Road
Richford, VT 05476
Pinnacle14 Pinnacle Road
Richford, VT 05476
West Berkshire7823 West Berkshire
Enosburgh Falls, VT 05450
Derby Line (I-91)107 Interstate 91 South Derby
Line, VT 05830
Derby Line (Rt. 5)Route 5
Derby Line, VT 05830
North Troy743 VT Route 243
North Troy, VT 05859
Beebe Plain3161 Beebe Road
Beebe, VT 05823
Norton115 Route 147 North
Norton, VT 05907
Canaan387 VT Route 141
Canaan, VT 05903
Beecher Falls1429 VT Route 253
Beecher Falls, VT 05902
Pittsburg6293 North Main Street
Pittsburg, NH 03592

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is the unified border agency within the Department of Homeland Security charged with the management, control, and protection of our Nation's borders at and between the official ports of entry. CBP is charged with keeping terrorists and terrorist weapons out of the country while enforcing hundreds of U.S. laws.

Friday, August 17, 2012

NAFSA | Resource Library | CBP Discontinues Stamping Form I-20 At Ports of Entry

NAFSA | Resource Library | CBP Discontinues Stamping Form I-20 At Ports of Entry

On August 15, 2012, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) unofficially confirmed for NAFSA that:
"CBP is no longer stamping I-20s at POEs. Recognizing that some staff at certain benefit granting agencies (for example, motor vehicle agencies) look for a stamp on these documents before granting a benefit, USCIS is conducting extensive outreach to ensure that these agencies are aware of this change."
NAFSA has received several reports of difficulties encountered at a number of state departments of motor vehicles (DMVs) due to the lack of a stamp on Form I-20. In response to a NAFSA inquiry, USCIS informed NAFSA on August 16, 2012, that:
"If specific issues arise with a DMV or other government agency rejecting a student’s unstamped I-20, we request that the student or their designated school official (DSO) email USCIS at so that we can contact the government agency to clarify the benefit."
CBP has not yet publicly announced this important change in procedure. NAFSA has also asked the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) to confirm their understanding of the change, and to update their Fact Sheet: Arriving at a U.S. Port of Entry…What a Student Can Expect. That fact sheet was last updated in 2004, and still reads in part, “Once your inspection is successfully completed, the inspecting officer will:  Stamp your SEVIS Form for duration of status (“D/S”) for F visa holders; Stamp your SEVIS Form for 30 days beyond program end date for M visa holders.” The Study in the States Web site also links to that Fact Sheet.
This change also follows an August 7, 2012 CBP announcement of delays of 30 or more days in entering I-94 data into DHS systems, while CBP works to streamline entry data processes. Both changes come at a time when schools are busy receiving and registering students for the new school year.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Want to be considered for DACA? (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals)

Link to USCIS flyer on DACA
How do I request consideration of deferred action for childhood arrivals?

Beginning August 15, 2012, you will be required to submit your request for consideration of deferred action to USCIS through a form, along with a form requesting an employment authorization document. The total fees will be $465. USCIS expects to have the forms and instructions available on its website on August 15, 2012. Do not submit any request to USCIS before these forms are available. All requests received before August 15, 2012 will be rejected.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Associated Press Scoop: DHS 'Preliminary Documents' Reveal Deferred Action Costs

Associated Press Scoop: DHS 'Preliminary Documents' Reveal Deferred Action Costs

The new deferred action program from the Obama Administration should go into effect next month. This article contains some advance information -- for those interested.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

DHS Creates Obstacles for Small Businesses Seeking High-Skilled Immigrants » Immigration Impact

DHS Creates Obstacles for Small Businesses Seeking High-Skilled Immigrants » Immigration Impact
Politicians love small businesses. They also love high-skilled workers. One might assume, then, that entrepreneurs and start-up companies would have a relatively easy time hiring immigrant professionals through the H-1B program. Not so. In fact, a recently released memo confirms that far from receiving preferential treatment, small businesses are singled out for heightened fraud investigations by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

~You an see the rest of the article by following the link. NH Reps. Bass and Guinta, Senators Ayotte and Shaheen -- this should not be US Policy.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mostly Wasted Effort at Prosecutorial Discretion in Immigration Court -- will the second attempt fare any better?

Talk about disappointing -- TRAC has posted the most recent information about the percentage of low priority cases that qualified for prosecutorial discretion. Take a guess, one in ten, one out of every twenty? Very few jurisdictions hit a rate of 5-10%; most are like Boston (my local area) with a rate of less than 1%.

TRAC Reports Menu
Immigration Court Cases Closed Based on Prosecutorial Discretion
as of May 31, 2012
Screen entries by specifying an immigration court:
Immigration Court: 
[Active Districts] [All Districts - Activity relative to Backlog]

Order entries by clicking on the column header

Immigration Court ▾Hearing LocationCase Backlog (as of September 2011)Cases Closed Based on Prosecutorial DiscretionClosures as a Percent of Backlog
All Immigration Courts 298,1454,5851.5
ArlingtonArlington Detained Location47100.0
ArlingtonArlington, Virginia8,004851.1
ArlingtonVirginia Department of Corrections2200.0
AtlantaAtlanta Detained Location21100.0
AtlantaAtlanta Federal Prison9600.0
AtlantaAtlanta, Georgia6,358611.0
AtlantaGeorgia Department of Corrections- Diagnostic300.0
BaltimoreBaltimore, Maryland5,2563466.6
BaltimoreDelaware Department of Corrections100.0
BaltimoreMaryland Correctional Institute800.0
BloomingtonBloomington - BLM2,721120.4
BloomingtonMinnesota Correctional Facility7300.0
BloomingtonNorth Dakota Department of Corrections100.0
BloomingtonSouth Dakota Department of Corrections400.0
BostonBoston Detained18142.2
BostonBoston, Massachusetts9,046670.7
BostonMassachusetts Department of Corrections1700.0
BostonNew Hampshire Department of Corrections100.0
BostonPlymouth County Corretional Facility100.0
BuffaloBatavia Service Processing Center20400.0
BuffaloBuffalo, New York2,015110.5
ChicagoChicago Detained49700.0
ChicagoChicago, Illinois15,662580.4
ChicagoIllinois DOC- Statesville200.0
ChicagoIndiana Youth Center1700.0
ClevelandButler County Sheriff's Office5500.0
ClevelandCleveland Detained Location5600.0
ClevelandCleveland, Ohio3,677982.7
ClevelandOhio Dept. of Corr., Correctional Reception Center - ORI3200.0
DallasBig Spring Corr. Ctr. (Airpark)4600.0
DallasDallas Detained4100.0
DallasDallas, Texas3,588892.5
DallasEden, Texas2200.0
DallasJohnson County Jail5500.0
DallasOklahoma City Detained8100.0
DallasOklahoma City, Oklahoma1,14490.8
DallasRolling Plains Detention Center13100.0
DallasSouthwest Key Program9500.0
DenverDenver Detention Facility27300.0
DenverDenver, Colorado7,5794015.3
DenverSalt Lake City, Utah100.0
DetroitDetroit Detainees11200.0
DetroitDetroit, Michigan2,8172007.1
DetroitMichigan Dept. of Corr., Prison of So. Michigan2400.0
El PasoEl Paso Service Processing Center33010.3
El PasoEl Paso, Texas4,872250.5
El PasoOtero County Processing Center43600.0
El PasoReeves County Law Enforcement Center2800.0
ElizabethElizabeth Service Processing Center771202.6
ElizabethNewark - Video Hearings400.0
ElizabethNewark Video Hearings2200.0
EloyEloy INS Detention Center1,06900.0
FlorenceArizona State Prison-Central Unit1700.0
FlorenceArizona State Prison-Rynning Unit1000.0
FlorenceArizona State Prison-Special Management Unit 1100.0
FlorenceArizona State Prison-Special Management Unit 2200.0
FlorenceFlorence, Arizona70310.1
GuaynaboSan Juan, Puerto Rico5725910.3
GuaynaboSt. Croix, Virgin Islands5359.4
GuaynaboSt. Thomas, Virgin Islands173169.2
HagatnaAgana, Guam9600.0
HagatnaAgana, Guam - Department of Corrections600.0
HarlingenBrownsville, Texas200.0
HarlingenHarlingen, Texas4,3282004.6
HarlingenWillacy Detention Facility300.0
HartfordFCI Danbury Federal Correctional Institution3700.0
HartfordHartford, Connecticut1,295100.8
HartfordMcdougal-Walker Correctional Institution10500.0
HonoluluHawaii Department of Corrections200.0
HonoluluHonolulu, Hawaii31261.9
HonoluluHonolulu, Prison Detainees - PJKK Federal Bldg.1200.0
HoustonBoken Kamp Children's Center7300.0
HoustonHouston, Texas9,01710.0
Houston - DetainedHouston Service Processing Center42300.0
Houston - DetainedPolk County Detention Facility51900.0
Houston - DetainedTexas DOC- Huntsville13100.0
ImperialCalipatria State Prison1300.0
ImperialEl Centro, California18600.0
ImperialImperial, California73591.2
Kansas CityKansas City Immigration Court - Detained7400.0
Kansas CityKansas City, Missouri3,590732.0
Kansas CitySt. Louis, Missouri100.0
Kansas CitySt. Louis, Missouri Detained3800.0
LancasterLompoc Federal Correctional Institution7300.0
LancasterMira Loma Detention Facility71100.0
LancasterUnited States Penitentiary - Lompoc1000.0
Las VegasLas Vegas, Nevada2,587421.6
Las VegasNevada Department of Corrections300.0
Las VegasReno, Nevada27851.8
Los AngelesAdelanto Detention Facility East17300.0
Los AngelesLos Angeles 319310.5
Los AngelesLos Angeles, California48,0155341.1
Los AngelesOrange County Detained23900.0
Los AngelesSan Pedro100.0
Los FresnosPort Isabel Service Processing Center54610.2
LumpkinStewart Detention Center - Lumpkin Georgia - LGD89500.0
MemphisLouisville, Kentucky1,44390.6
MemphisMemphis, Tennessee3,792752.0
MiamiBroward Correctional Institution2200.0
MiamiCentral Florida Reception Center2000.0
MiamiCharlotte Correctional Institution4700.0
MiamiFlorida DOC- Chipley14700.0
MiamiMiami, Florida9,9621411.4
MiamiNorth Florida Reception Center (NFC)13300.0
MiamiSouth Florida Reception Center7000.0
Miami - KromeBroward Transitional Center39600.0
Miami - KromeGlades County Prison11500.0
Miami - KromeKrome North Service Processing Center64110.2
Miami - KromeMonroe County Detention Ctr and Sheriff Office900.0
NapanochBedford Hills Correctional Facility1100.0
NapanochDownstate Correctional Facility17000.0
NapanochUlster Correctional Facility18100.0
New OrleansNew Orleans, Louisiana2,00130.1
New YorkNew York Annex200.0
New YorkNew York City, New York43,1622580.6
New York - DETNew York Service Processing Center (Varick St)77820.3
NewarkNewark, New Jersey9,301310.3
OakdaleDHS-Litigation Unit/Oakdale36030.8
OakdaleFederal Corr. Inst.-Oakdale 1800.0
OakdaleLasalle Detention Facility31000.0
OakdaleLouisiana Department of Corrections100.0
OakdaleOakdale Federal Detention Center30800.0
OmahaIowa Department of Corrections3900.0
OmahaNebraska Department of Corrections3100.0
OmahaOmaha Immigration Court - Detained27410.4
OmahaOmaha, Nebraska4,706621.3
OrlandoImmigration Court3100.0
OrlandoOrlando, Florida5,211641.2
PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania4,4951282.8
PhiladelphiaPittsburgh, Pennsylvania31461.9
PhoenixArizona DOC- Perryville1300.0
PhoenixArizona State Prison Complex - Lewis8700.0
PhoenixArizonza State Prison- Phoenix West200.0
PhoenixPhoenix Juvenile20110.5
PhoenixPhoenix, Arizona9,227490.5
PortlandAnchorage, Alaska176105.7
PortlandBoise, Idaho73181.1
PortlandHelena, Montana4400.0
PortlandIdaho Department of Corrections1800.0
PortlandMontana Dept. of Corr., Montana State Prison400.0
PortlandPortland Detention Center1500.0
PortlandPortland, Oregon2,1511366.3
PortlandPortland, Oregon - POO100.0
SaipanNorthern Marianas Detained100.0
SaipanSaipan, Northern Marianas Islands7800.0
Salt Lake CitySalt Lake City, Utah1,173322.7
San AntonioKarnes County Correction Center1500.0
San AntonioLaredo, Texas -  Port of Entry1900.0
San AntonioLaredo, Texas - Detention Facility2400.0
San AntonioPearsall, Texas - Detention Facility52110.2
San AntonioSan Antonio Detained13600.0
San AntonioSan Antonio, Texas7,196440.6
San AntonioT. Don Hutto Residential8700.0
San DiegoCalifornia DOC- San Ysidro700.0
San DiegoCorrections Corporation of America-San Diego,ca27300.0
San DiegoSan Diego, California3,9862446.1
San DiegoSan Diego: Federal Bldg.400.0
San FranciscoPleasanton - Federal Correctional Institution2100.0
San FranciscoSan Francisco Annex751216.0
San FranciscoSan Francisco Detained32700.0
San FranciscoSan Francisco, California16,9923872.3
SeattlePeace Arch Port of Entry2900.0
SeattleSeattle, Washington5,1862434.7
SeattleWashington Corrections Center1600.0
TacomaNorthwest Detention Center60710.2
TucsonArizona DOC- Tucson18500.0
TucsonTucson, Arizona934181.9
YorkAllenwood Correctional Inst.1700.0
YorkCambria County Prison200.0
YorkClinton County Prison2100.0
YorkMoshannon Valley Correctional Facility6000.0
YorkPennsylvania Dept. of Corr., State Corr. Inst.5200.0
YorkPike County Prison7911.3
YorkYork County Prison26000.0