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Friday, February 25, 2011

‘Nativist lobby’ is winning on immigration (The

Morton Konracke writes:

"The failure of Congress and two presidents to enact immigration reform is plunging the nation into an ugly future. Call it the Arizonification of America."

"...this represents a high-water mark in the influence of the "nativist lobby" -- a richly funded assemblage of national and local groups organized by Michigan ophthalmologist John Tanton."

"Tanton's groups are making use of economic hard times to argue that immigrants -- legal and illegal -- are stealing jobs from Americans and straining government budgets. It's largely bogus because immigrants tend to take jobs that Americans won't or can't do and because illegal workers pay taxes but can't get benefits."

The article is worth reading so I have linked it here --

The question that comes to my mind is (since I know of only two ophthalmologists that are politically active on the national level John Tanton and Rand Paul) is there something about this field of endeavor that draws right wing ideologues to it? If you are an ophthalmologist whose political stance falls within the range from Moderate to Liberal...please let me know you're out there 

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