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Friday, March 14, 2014

Nature of Charge in New Filings Seeking Removal Orders through February 2014

Nature of Charge in New Filings Seeking Removal Orders through February 2014

and this from ABCNEWS

An Oval Office meeting with three Latino lawmakers brought about a late-night announcement from the White House on Thursday: Obama is directing his homeland security chief, Jeh Johnson, to review America's deportation program, with an eye toward finding more humane ways to enforce the law without contravening it.

~ Perhaps this has something to do with the administration's belief that they should focus their prosecutorial resources on removing serious criminals who pose a threat to the communities. That is what they say at least. Those of us who practice in immigration have come to know that either the administration leadership has no control over the bureaucracy - or they are being dishonest about their priorities. If you follow the link to TRAC the charts there clearly show that the percentage of persons placed in removal proceedings based on criminal activity is down to 12% of the total. It has never been higher than 17% during the Obama administration even though they have put record numbers of people in deportation.

The percentage was only slightly higher under the tenure of George W. Bush. What does this mean? It means that despite the Obama administration's protestations otherwise and the success of their DACA program -- they still are mostly deporting people who do not have serious criminal records. Perhaps that will change or perhaps the threat that it might change will move Congress to act on immigration reform so that they can deny the Obama administration the chance to lock up the votes of new citizens who still have undocumented family members fearing deportation.

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